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Perhaps we realize how lucky we are, and we want to give back. Maybe we are searching for another life purpose in this self-centred ‘me, me, me’ society. Or it may simply be that we feel it is our duty as human beings to better the lives of those less fortunate. There are as many reasons as to why people volunteer as there are volunteers themselves.

So many lives are enriched by organisations who provide invaluable services to communities. Organisations who, without the work of dedicated volunteers, would simply not be able to function.

In addition to fulfilling the desire to make a difference, volunteering offers us an opportunity to see the world through new eyes and to better understand it. When we experience different cultures and alternate ways of living, we not only develop an appreciation and compassion for others, but learn to better understand ourselves, and ultimately grow in that understanding.

The beauty of volunteering lies in the fact that when you give, you receive so much more in return.

Benefits to your personal life
• gain self-confidence and self esteem
• discover your strengths and talents
• develop a sense of independence
• have compassion for others
• raise your social awareness
• interact with a diverse range of people
• make life-long friends
• create challenging and fulfilling experiences that will turn into long-lasting memories

Benefits to your professional life
• learn social and technical skills that are transferable to any business environment
• develop inter-personal, team-building and problem-solving skills
• gain international, hands-on work experience
• explore exciting career options that will take you all over the world
• clarify your career path

By volunteering, you will change the lives of others by giving them the hope to realise their dreams and hopefully in so doing, achieve your own.

"40 % of student volunteers are so deeply affected by their volunteering experience that their career path takes a completely new direction."

'The Art of Crazy Paving: volunteering for enhanced employability'
published by Student Volunteering UK
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