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19 Jun 2019

In our day and age learning more than one language has become a necessity, a way of opening new paths to ourselves and be able to fit in society’s good standards of living. In countries like Argentina where the gap between wealth and poverty is more visible, learning a second language such as english is a big challenge since the opportunities of getting an equal level of education depend of your social status. This is the reality of our teaching english project, an institute located in Pablo Nogués where kids between the ages of 9 and 16 learn english with the help of foreign volunteers. Pam from the US & Alex from Germany are two of our volunteers who work here. Pam is colombian and speaks spanish and lives in Florida; Alex comes from Germany and arrived to Argentina with the idea to improve his spanish. What are some of the bigger differences you’ve noticed in the education here in comparison to home? P- When I first came here I was really impressed with the kids because they speak more English than my mom, who is colombian and lives in the US. I can hold entire conversations with the teachers and I think that’s so impressive because in the US someone takes 4 years of French and they can't say anything and the kids that come here have only been doing it for 5 years and they can communicate with me in English. A- The schools here in Argentina have 8 years of English, as we do in Germany but I would have 3 hours each week and I can say now that I can speak it fluently. But here, they only have 2 hours per week and they can only say their names, some colors, how old they are but they can’t communicate. So I think after school learning facilities like this are really important because the quality of language education in schools is not that good. What will you take home with you about this experience? A- When kids come here and say “hey my parents can’t pay because they don’t have the money” the founder would say “ok just pay what you can”. I think it's great because English is an opportunity for them to be able to go anywhere in the world and also to be able to settle in English speaking countries and work there. P-I wish a lot more people would do this because in the US we are so privileged to have French in school and completely fail at it, it’s such a waste of resources. Per month for one student is 20 dollars, that’s like one meal for me. If I could just give that money of a meal every month, I could sponsor one kid for a year. That’s a whole language, a whole door of opportunities.

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15 Apr 2019

Phil visited the womans center EHN helped funded 5 years ago. The center is up and running and training local woman in sewing. We would like to find people abroad who want clothes or other items manufactured that will help local woman in Nepal earn an income. Anyone with a shop or interest in supporting the womans center please contact

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29 Nov 2018

Volunteers working on a medical volunteer campaign aid in treating and educating patients, providing basic checkups and treatment to members of the community. Volunteers also help to distribute vitamins and other medication, and deliver health education information appropriate to both children and adults. A week-long Medical Volunteer Campaign involves visiting and working with up to five communities throughout the week and days typically include 4 hours volunteer work per day. During the week-long campaign, your group will work together with our local team to provide basic health services to populations that may not otherwise have access to regular healthcare services. OGVO Groups are incredibly beneficial to these communities, as they enable both children and adults to receive basic check-ups, important vitamins and medication and to increasing their understanding of basic health topics. Volunteers are required to bring their own basic medical supplies, including a white coat, scrubs, disposable rubber (or latex) gloves, antibacterial soap or sanitizer, a stethoscope, and a blood pressure cuff. Advice on further supplies to bring can be provided by the OGVO team once group applied. OGVO Medical Volunteer Campaigns are open to all volunteers with relevant training or experience in healthcare. Group members can be in early stages of training (pre-med, pre-nursing, pre-dental, pre-health, etc), or can already be in Medical/Nursing school (any year of study). Fully qualified group members are also welcome to participate, however volunteers will always be supervised by local staff regardless of their level of qualification and experience. The standard OGVO Medical/Healthcare projects (listed under each of our OGVO Program Pages) take place within urban/rural community hospitals/clinics, healthcare centers or assisted-living facilities and can have only 2 to 5 volunteers assisting them at any one time. Clinics and centers are often limited to providing healthcare only to those who arrive at the clinic that day, and volunteers will have a largely observational role within the clinic structure. Groups are still able to participate on these projects (for instance, if volunteering for more than 1 week), however groups will be split into smaller teams; volunteering across a few different clinics/hospitals and centers in the local area. OGVO Medical Volunteer Campaigns, conversely, are available for groups of volunteers working together alongside local medical staff. As the groups are closely supervised and guided by local Medical staff, your group members are able to engage in a greater range of hands-on medical work, reaching out to a much higher number of patients per day, as the Campaigns actively travel to the patients’ communities rather than relying on the patients to come to them at the clinics/hospitals. Volunteers are accompanied by a local medical specialist and/or a local doctor/nurse, who all speak English and the local languages and are very experienced at working with international volunteers and interns. While medical training is not typically provided on OGVO programs, OGVO Groups on the Medical Volunteer Campaign will usually receive an introduction/overview of how to take vitals. This is dependent on the experience and current level of training that group members have. All OGVO volunteers receive a thorough Program Orientation on the first day of the program, which covers many details about the program overall, the local area, health and safety and the volunteer work. In each of our program settings, we also have a full team of staff who provide 24/7 assistance and support for our volunteers; both during volunteer work, and during free time. Additionally, OGVO Groups are assigned a staff member from our local team, in addition to medical staff, to help with any questions or concerns during the program.

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13 Sep 2018

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13 Aug 2018

Hi everyone! I'm planning on hosting a webinar on time management. Here's the web page of the event.  And here're some of the articles that are going to be covered there: 1. Eat a frog 2. Pomodoro 3. Eisenhower matrix Would you attend? Do you have any questions regarding the upcoming event? Is there somethink you'd like me to cover there? With support from Omnipapers.

03 May 2018

Many public has all been excited about social media networks and one amongst which might be Twitter. With Twitter's ability to attach with people from everywhere the planet, permitting them to 'tweet' messages, like and share all changes of things on the social media platform, it's not shocking what number folks would need to pay their most of their time on the social website. Following that, people have additionally begun to return up with all diversities of ways in followers from Twitter which contains a lot of suggestions to users of Twitter. Gaining followers has the nice influence on businesses and other people feel serviceable once their posts or photos are liked and followed by several. For that reason, some ways and tricks are created to be used to realize a lot of likes. Simplest of that is by suggests that of buying Twitter followers UK. Buying Twitter followers is fairly common and is kind of effective. Within twenty-four hours’ time, societies area unit able to get real Twitter followers while not secret required and while not having to follow back. As simple and fast one would assume, they'll have the maximum amount as two, 000,000 Twitter followers delivered to them monthly. That’s what get real Instagram Followers should supply Twitter users, being the biggest provider of the Twitter follower in the world. About buy Instagram Followers Buy Instagram Followers is understood to be the quantity one Twitter promoting service for all customers within the world. They provide services for purchasing followers for Twitter likewise as for alternative social media networks as well as Facebook and Instagram. They’re capable of delivering Twitter followers to a good range of purchasers among a month compared to the other corporations providing an equivalent service online. Not solely do they deliver Twitter followers, however, make sure that those followers’ area unit real and active users that buyers will use for his or her completely. With that, their clients' job can fall solely on effectively partaking their new followers. What they're going to solely have to be compelled to do are going to be to post the foremost fascinating, partaking and stimulating content. Therewith and therefore the new followers brought by buying more Instagram Followers, buyers may also be talented to make new future customers. There is a unit some ways to which individuals could also be able to get the followers they have. however to form it all simple for them, buy 10k Instagram Followers UK have brought this glorious service permitting them to shop for Twitter followers that area unit quite important for businesses and other people WHO want followers for promoting their complete.

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24 Mar 2018

Before we jump right into how to get around paying to volunteer in Africa, let’s talk about why you might want to pay to volunteer abroad through what we’ll call “program providers” or “organizations”. First of all, program providers and placement organizations requiring payments do so for a few important reasons: Financial support / monetary donation for their projects. They’re providing orientation and training for volunteers. They’re providing in-country support and logistics (i.e. airport pickup) The fee includes room and board organized by the program. Therefore, It is a good idea before deciding to avoid any program that charges a fee to see what’s included first. If the price is reasonable, it may actually be cheaper to go with the program as they can get local prices you might otherwise not. They get discounts for buying in bulk, and the hassle they save you from figuring out an extended visa on your own may be worth it. Also, if you’ve never traveled abroad, have general concerns about being in Africa alone, or would prefer less hassle, a fee-based program might be an option worth reviewing. You can also visit African Rural Volunteers to learn more about cheap and affordable volunteer placement programs

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23 Feb 2018

We are talking about how to buy 10k Instagram followers because the world today has moved online. Everyone thrives on the rich ground that social media has created. Social media can be experienced on a number of platforms including but not limited to Instagram. This simple app has captivated the world, allowing users to take pictures and videos and share them with audiences from all over the world. The question you might be asking yourself though is why you would need to buy 10k Instagram followers at all. Well, the answer is pretty simple; numbers do not tell lies. When it comes to giving your brand the type of recognition it requires to get to the next level, you need the numbers to read in your favor. Also, it is important to note that it is not only businesses that require Instagram followers; Celebrities, regular individuals, artists and even just social media fanatics who do it for nothing more than the love of sharing their life story. 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18 Feb 2018 magazines Debbie Onuoha talks with founder Samuel Sarr on topics ranging from the organization’s unique volunteering model, to its impending transition to a more sustainable model, and the day-to-day challenges of running a non-profit.

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27 Jan 2018

Social Media system could be the supply that is better for the present generation to obtain usage of individuals with comparable interests. Apart from posts and emails, we could share images of additionally well-known systems such as for example Instagram. Artistic influence produced by an image could be more result-focused than that of lengthy write-ups and emails. It may interact with the viewer in a quicker and manner that is accurate that to mention a message. That is the reason, Instagram has gained appeal that is tremendous last several years.  At the moment scenario, Instagram the most liked and favored networking this is certainly social all over the world. From the known star to a singer this is certainly unidentified every person is available. People join Instagram to have likes and followers which improve their existence on other networking this is certainly social too. But, getting more likes on your posts making followers? 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Benefits of Having Enroll Yourself on Instagram:  It could be very essential that our account and subsequent uploads produced by us on our records would get the appropriate level of response through the audience this is certainly targeted. The success of any business that is internet based in line with the process of catching plenty of visitors online to a subsequent website that gives specific services. More thing that is important to drive people that could be demanding clients for the certain motif regarding the product range or solutions. A photo this is certainly good several thousand terms and Instagram deals with the same concept – yes, this program is principally devised for revealing photograms and videos around the world. It is very an easy task to publish photographs and movies throughout your phone, laptop computers or pills. To really make the photo better, numerous effects that are amazing options are given that you can use before publishing on Instagram. The component this is certainly best of the application, until or unless you’ll not remove, they will certainly stay to your wall surface. So, then Instagram could be the right system for making your art piece preferred worldwide in some moments if photography is your passion.  Even, at time of uploading a photograph, it's possible to adjust environment and publish the picture that is same various other social networking sites too. For promotional and branding reasons, Instagram is definitely a platform that is perfect. Just articles a good picture of catchy description to your product, adequate to create a considerable impact on the potential audience.  Further, to improve the exposure of your posts, follow the hashtags. There isn't any limitation regarding the use of hashtags, you can easily boost depending on your product appeal and demand.  Therefore, they are the advantages of getting register yourself on Instagram but Buy Instagram Likes UK is the most element that is important decide your followership and popularity about this platform. Importantly, the likes we have within short-span is quite great for our business development as they choose the people in accordance with their interest in items shown up to now. Therefore, by doing a lead that is the systematic system we could also transform these likes into actual sales.

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03 Oct 2017

Buy many More Instagram Followers and Get High Popularity It is proven to one and all of that in today’s age, the domain this is certainly virtual an immense importance not just to get attached to people from any the main globe for personal reasons but to improve business customers too. And, Instagram is one of the well-known names that it attracts, even more, followers because you have a facility to buy more Instagram followers and display your profile is such a manner. To buy Instagram followers, for example, can happen just by simply making clicks which can be few the mouse and the results are beyond hope. Today, connecting with people both for work and enjoyment takes place through this networking that is social. Have you been wondering exactly what benefits could you get when you buy even more Instagram followers? Really, listed here is a listing that is the bit you. To begin with, more the real wide range of followers you have, more popular is the profile. 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Thirdly, the utilization of correct hashtags (#) with all the pictures makes it simpler for any other users to find visuals related to the subject that is exactly same. The website from for which you want to purchase even more Instagram followers does maybe not arbitrarily dump you with lots this is certainly big of. When you spot an order of say, purchase Instagram followers, the group of experts working on these internet sites studies the category of the profile and offer followers maintaining a control this is certainly rational the increase. And, this is the reason this is certainly main you should look for the service of genuine portals. The task of shopping for followers is similar to how you do internet shopping. This is certainly, you simply need follow three effortless and fundamental steps if you choose to get more Instagram followers. One, you must pick and register with an internet site that provides these facilities. Two, you need to choose the bundle that suits you. The master plan would be created accordingly for example when you pick purchase Instagram followers or other plans. Three, you have to add the offer towards the cart and proceed towards making the payment. You simply have to keep a track on the day of delivery and that can make contact with the consumer care executives in case of any query. SoScience Articles, the thing is it really is undoubtedly an easy task to increase the amount of Instagram followers and boost your brand appeal worldwide this is certainly digital. Benefit of having Plenty Of Genuine Instagram Followers The image sharing social networking, Instagram, is the darling that is brand new of esthetically minded huge numbers of people globally. Relating to a specialist, there's a lot of ideas to flourish in Instagram. First, is tackling the follower problem. There is the choice to purchase followers on Instagram because of lots of agile vendors. Friendliness: Unlike various other platforms, the USP of Instagram is, it is not just one player's online game, instead it involves a community this is certainly entire. Therefore, becoming friendly is more crucial than answering the concerns. One should always show gratitude into the followers. Value just the right time of every person who comes to a person's web page and listen to the followers. It is fortunate having community that is like-minded get quality followers. Follow accounts that align with a person's own sight and viewpoint and engage them. Find Your Niche: Discover one's niche and select areas where one has greater talents while focusing on developing areas. Down the road, strategically expand an individual's brand message. Be Authentic: the sheer number of followers will increase whenever one cares about one thing and starts to show a passion that is real that may shine through every image and terms in Instagram captions. And also this indicates, stay emphasizing what exactly is sticking and exciting along with it. There could be seasonal gigs but enthusiasm that is authentic fades. Use Hashtags: Make an agenda to work with 10-15 hashtags that are popular denotes one's content and employ frequently. Take advantage of hashtag in remarks than in caption. Overloading caption with hashtags will appear unsightly. Moreover, make the hashtag game to your level that is next generating its own hashtags and enthuse the community to utilize it further. For example, a hashtag is #breakfastbonanza may protect several thousand breakfasts from about the worldwide globe mounted on it. Be Consistent: If you require Instagram followers Be certain to make the consistency of the buzz word. As far as Instagram is concerned, day-to-day publishing to the realm of Instagram is essential. Moreover, the persistence must protect timing, theme, topic, feeling, images, colors, filters and captions. As consistency gets better, followers will discover an aura and material into the individual and start seeing more as an influencer than any account holder this is certainly ordinary. They shall know what to anticipate and keep coming back to get more. Be Pro-Active: but posting that is extortionate also backfire. The thumb rule is to post at least one time a and keep things stay with an increase of followers when you look at the cycle time.

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19 Sep 2017

We are desperately in search of some video testimonials to tell the world about your experiences with WWH. We just need 5 minutes of your time to record a testimonial which we will use to promote WWH at events, on the website and to send to new organisations looking to sign up. As a reward, we will give you $30 for each testimonial. Please please please spare some time to help promote the great work of WWH and encourage more people to volunteer on our projects.

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31 Jan 2017

We noticed that we hardly ever receive mail through this website in our inbox; it usually ends up in the spam box or we don't receive it at all. So if you want to conatct us, please use this: +385 95 5555677 Or have a look at our website or Facebook page.

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09 Sep 2016

As a VMG volunteer, you are making a meaningful contribution, working side-by-side with local people and sharing in the goals of the community that warmly welcomes you.  VMG takes care of all the logistics so you can focus on your volunteer experience.  Our staffs are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in supporting volunteers and facilitating cross-cultural exchange.  We offer wonderful opportunities for people to not just visit Ghana, but to exchange knowledge and skills with members of our communities. All volunteers receive the same unrivaled support from our staff before you leave home and in your chosen destination.  We will work with you to find a placement that suits your level of experience. When you arrive at your destination, we will meet you from the airport and give you a comprehensive introduction of your local area, including settling you at your accommodation and showing you the local sights!. One you start work, we will meet with you and your project supervisor on a regular basis. Remember, VMG staff members are available for anything at anytime throughout your stay! Look at our projects on WWH to find out more, and don't hesitate to email us for more information!

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