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19 Sep 2017

We are desperately in search of some video testimonials to tell the world about your experiences with WWH. We just need 5 minutes of your time to record a testimonial which we will use to promote WWH at events, on the website and to send to new organisations looking to sign up. As a reward, we will give you $30 for each testimonial. Please please please spare some time to help promote the great work of WWH and encourage more people to volunteer on our projects.

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13 Aug 2017

Our Generation Voluntary Organisation offers a range of challenging but rewarding Under 18 volunteer abroad projects. You don’t need any experience, just 100% commitment, and it’s a great way to make a difference while developing a fabulous skill.

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31 Jan 2017

We noticed that we hardly ever receive mail through this website in our inbox; it usually ends up in the spam box or we don't receive it at all. So if you want to conatct us, please use this: +385 95 5555677 Or have a look at our website or Facebook page.

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09 Sep 2016

As a VMG volunteer, you are making a meaningful contribution, working side-by-side with local people and sharing in the goals of the community that warmly welcomes you.  VMG takes care of all the logistics so you can focus on your volunteer experience.  Our staffs are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in supporting volunteers and facilitating cross-cultural exchange.  We offer wonderful opportunities for people to not just visit Ghana, but to exchange knowledge and skills with members of our communities. All volunteers receive the same unrivaled support from our staff before you leave home and in your chosen destination.  We will work with you to find a placement that suits your level of experience. When you arrive at your destination, we will meet you from the airport and give you a comprehensive introduction of your local area, including settling you at your accommodation and showing you the local sights!. One you start work, we will meet with you and your project supervisor on a regular basis. Remember, VMG staff members are available for anything at anytime throughout your stay! Look at our projects on WWH to find out more, and don't hesitate to email us for more information!

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10 Jun 2016

About us The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our international centers as part of our Volunteer Work Study Program. IHF runs children’s home in Nakuru, Kenya with approximately 50 children, as well as education centers in Bali, Medan, Banda Aceh and Jakarta, Indonesia.  As a Work Study Volunteer, you would complete four hours of local work and four hours of international work a day alongside an international staff dedicated to global development and helping children have access to more opportunities. You will have substantial responsibilities and be a valued part of a grassroots not-for-profit NGO at the ground level. About the role Local tasks vary from center to center, day to day. ● At our Indonesian education centers, you will teach English to young students for whom English is a tool to secure better jobs in the future. ● In our children’s home in Kenya, daily tasks will include assisting with homework and organizing projects and activities for the children once they`re back from the schools. ● At all centers, you will provide the co-Directors with needs-based assistance in the daily maintenance of the centers, becoming a part of the IHF family and integral to the work we do. ● For your international tasks, you will be assigned teams made up of volunteers from other centers and you will work on administrative tasks for not just the center you are staying in, but for the whole organization. ● Your tasks may include producing media content, assisting with fundraising efforts and generating online outreach efforts to promote our organization’s goals and projects. This is a great opportunity to experience the overall management of an international organization and receive training in a multi-level, multifaceted work environment. Before arrival at the center, you will already become a part of the team by completing pre-trip tasks with our international teams to gain an understanding of the kind of work you will be doing. Our foundation is run entirely by volunteers just like you, who have made commitments ranging from two weeks to multiple years. You will be supervised and guided by long-term volunteer co-Directors at your center, who will listen to your ideas and work with you on a daily basis. Requirements ● You must be fluent in written and spoken English. ● We value volunteers who are creative and innovative, willing to take responsibility and easily adapt to new conditions and unexpected situations. ● The duration of the program is 4 weeks (fixed). ● Minimum age 18 years old. Each IHF center is a product of its environment and follows the cultural code and norms of its host country. So must our staff and interns. Our volunteers must have high inter-cultural sensitivity and be tolerant to different views and ways of life. Fee We provide basic accommodation and food at our centers, where you will live with your co-workers. Unfortunately, as a non-profit, we are unable to provide these amenities freely and we charge $75 per week. We are not able to cover travel or insurance expenses or any other related costs, but we will help you with your travel and visa planning. We will also try to comply with guidelines to secure any grant or scholarship funding available at your university. Long Term Work Study For those volunteers interested in a longer commitment and even more fulfilling experience, we also offer an extended version of the program- Long Term Work Study. It is a perfect opportunity to significantly change the lives of our children through the work on various long term projects such as: improving the marks and personal guidance, improving the behaviour, fundraising projects and many more. You will leave IHF with new highly transferable skills, a better understanding of international NGOs, and an unforgettable experience that will last the rest of your life. The conditions of the program: - The program is only available in Bali, Indonesia (3 months fixed) and Nakuru, Kenya (2-12 months) - We charge 75$ per week for the first 4 weeks of your stay and 55$ per week for any subsequent weeks. - The minimum age is 21 years old. Apply If you are interested in a longer, even more substantial experience, we also offer a 3-6 months Internship Program at Bali, Indonesia or Nakuru, Kenya. In this role, you will complete the four hours of international work and four hours of local work as part of the Work Study Program, but will have increased responsibility and more opportunity to particularize your tasks to your skills. If you are interested in a more involved experience, please apply for the Work Study Program and note your interest in the Internship Program. We will work with you to assess your skills and how you can best contribute your time. Please familiarize yourself further with our organization reading the IHF Annual report 2014 that contains the latest information about IHF Centers, Programs, Achievements, Finances and many more at and our our blog where you can find stories of current and former volunteers We were given a 2013 Inspiring Story - Responsible Tourism Award! Read more about it at See our great ratings at If you have any questions about our organization or programs, please contact If you are ready to apply, please se  

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07 May 2016

Join me as we volunteer together at village volunteer uganda project

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01 Apr 2016

Gabby writes about her six months at Harpswell:    It was my great privilege to work at the Harpswell Foundation for six months.  Upon arriving one sunny morning in September, I was immediately and warmly welcomed into the community.  I always felt supported with great care throughout my time there, and always felt included and appreciated.  The support network of the students and administrative team always went above and beyond to help me with anything I needed—be that a hospital visit or shopping in the markets!      These women are inspiring, full of light, and engaging leaders.  Each has overcome numerous obstacles to prioritize pursuing higher education in a world that tells them not to do so.  They regularly demonstrate passion, perseverance, and resilience in all things, unmatched by any group of students I’ve worked with before.  As such, the leadership residency unlike any other job.  The leadership resident has the special opportunity to help these brilliant students develop their knowledge and ideas about the world, and how Cambodia fits into that world.  The source of motivation, the humming of life in the dorm, is the understanding that these are the future leaders of the nation, and they’re well on their way.       On a personal note, acclimating to the culture, learning about Cambodia’s history, and most importantly, building relationships with the students all contribute to the special process of learning about oneself through learning about others.  I feel so very fortunate to have had this opportunity, and I would recommend to anyone who is offered the chance to work with Harpswell to absolutely take it!

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22 Feb 2016

Be The Change a short documentary film on girls and wash in school  Please watch at :

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16 Nov 2015

HARLEM RBI provides inner-city youth with opportunities to play, learn and grow. Using power of teams to coach, teach and they inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. NEW YORK COMMON PANTRY serves over two million meals per year in East Harlem at the city's only food pantry open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FOOD BANK distributes 68 million pounds of food to approximately 1,200 emergency and community food programs. DOE FUND provides housing and transitional work for homeless men who have histories of addiction and incarceration. Email Madeline Kaye. ASSOCIATION TO BENEFIT CHILDREN provides pre-school programs, housing and medical services and crisis intervention to 3,000 families with children in East Harlem, most of whom suffer from mental and physical disabilities. PART OF THE SOLUTION operates a soup kitchen and food pantry for 1,300 people a day in the Bronx providing social services, a Single Stop site and a small men’s shelter. Email Kimberly Roginski. GO PROJECT offers Saturday tutoring and mentoring and an academically focused summer program to high-poverty, low performing children in grades kindergarten through five. CITY HARVEST links the food industry and countless organizations, foundations, corporations and private citizens together to help feed their hungry neighbors. City Harvest helps feed the more than one million New Yorkers that face hunger each year. UPWARDLY GLOBAL works to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce. HOPE PROGRAM empowers New Yorkers to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment and by blending vocational, education, and social services. CENTER FOR EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES provides immediate, effective and comprehensive employment services to men and women with recent criminal convictions. Email Julian Tancredi. FORTUNE SOCIETY Supports successful reentry from prison and promotes alternatives to incarceration. IMENTOR improves the lives of high school students from underserved communities through evidence-based, technology-enabled mentoring. READING PARTNERS is dedicated to transforming struggling young readers into confident readers who are excited about learning through one-on-one instruction.

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08 Sep 2015

I arrived in Arequipa to start work at Volunteers Peru in early January 2013. I had a connection to Marita, the founder, through a friend and I had spent a few months volunteering in Arequipa with a different organisation, so I didn't quite go into it blind, but almost. I knew that Volunteers Peru was a very small and new organisation and that it would be my job to really get it off the ground. Marita had done the legal groundwork and made the connections to the partner projects, but from there it was up to me to make it happen. For the first few weeks I spent time getting systems and paperwork together and getting our name out there on various volunteering websites. I also spent many happy mornings with the girls at the Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte, one of our projects, building a good relationship with them and the staff. It was summer holidays for the girls, so we got to have playtime every day which was great and lovely to get to really know them. My friend Eva arrived at the beginning of that first month to take up the voluntary position of Project Coordinator. Together we started to solidify our processes. In April we went to Tomepampa, the location of our second project, Honofre Benavides school. Tomepampa was to become just about my favourite place in the world. It is a tiny village in the spectacular Cotahuasi Canyon. We did classroom support, got to know the children and had a thoroughly wonderful time. Having spent time getting to know both projects we were able to look at the needs of the children in both locations and look at ways that Volunteers Peru could help to fill the gaps. At the school we agreed that volunteers would support the English teacher and at the Casa Hogar volunteers would spend time with the girls and help with homework where necessary. We had had a few walk-ins, but our first planned and pre-booked volunteers arrived in June and they got to work. Over that first summer we had a lot of great volunteers through and were able to see what worked and what didn't, and then make appropriate adjustments. In the lead up to Christmas we took a significant step forwards and received our official registration as an NGO. We also held some very successful fundraisers and were really carving out a place for ourselves amongst the other small volunteer NGOs operating in Arequipa. I had originally signed up to be in Peru for a year but I decided to come back after Christmas for a few months more to make sure that everything was really up and running as it should be and would be sustainable. Having now left, I can look back and know that that goal was reached. Everything got bigger and better in our second year of work. There were more volunteers, we started new fundraising initiatives, we continued to streamline our processes and we started the NGO's registration to be able to work with international funds. Just as I was preparing to leave we had two really exciting things happen. The first was successfully applying for support from the NGO Goodwill Globetrotting who came to install a sewing workshop for training at the Casa Hogar. The second was confirmation of a school exchange between Honofre Benavides school in Tomepampa and New Eccles Hall school in England. I look back on my time at Volunteers Peru with so much affection and pride. With a very small team and limited resources we built an organisation that helps to support disadvantaged and marginalised children. We are genuinely part of the community. All of our volunteers have a great experience and we worked very hard to ensure ethical processes so that the children feel that they are valued and supported, rather than a nice photo opportunity in somebody's holiday. I think that having a local manager such as Marita is absolutely vital to make sure that everything is culturally appropriate, and without her we would have failed miserably! I miss Peru every day - the Casa Hogar girls, the Tomepampa students, my amazing colleagues and friends Eva and Marita, all of our volunteers and supporters are always in my thoughts. I know that they will continue to move forwards and progress, and I feel happy and proud to have played my part in that. This post was originally published at

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14 Aug 2015

The aim of this blog is to establish a wide-based community movement which encourages the positive involvement of international volunteers to develop people with fewer opportunities as well as to promote education for all In order to transform our communities, we will focus on three main areas: - Preschool Education -Youth Empowerment -Civic education programs

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11 Aug 2015

I love it when music videos try to build awareness towards social issues.  Though the rock band Nickleback hasn't gotten the best publicity lately, they've definitely helped advocate for awareness through one of their older videos titled "If Everyone Cared".        They highlight how people single handedly attempted to tackle poverty, famine, and politically motivated violence. Many of those who attempted to do so made a huge difference in the world.                                    Check out the music video by clicking here.  If you know of any other music videos that portary the strength of solidarity and how people have been able to make change happen one small effort at a time. Hopefully this inspires you all to try volunteering more often, I know it helped me want to go volunteer more.  -A 

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09 Aug 2015

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