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Go to the WWH homepage and click the first panel which says ‘Register Here’; then fill in the three page registration form. It should only take you about 5 minutes.

If you are an organisation then go to the WWH homepage, click the first panel which says ‘Register Here’;  then click the button just right of the centre that says ‘ORGANISATIONS REGISTER HERE’. Fill in that form.

Volunteers will automatically be approved; Organisations will need to wait for an email telling them they have been approved.

Alternatively at the bottom of the home page you can click ‘Volunteer’ or ‘Organisation’ accordingly and it will take you to the relevant registration page.


Login using the details you registered with and it should take you directly to your profile page. Whenever you navigate away from this page you can get back by clicking ‘MY PROFILE’ in the login area.

The first thing to do is upload a picture to personalise the profile.  Then write a little bit about yourself in the ‘About Me’ section. Add any goals you have so people with the same goals can connect with you.

Then start playing around with it. Upload some albums, perhaps from past volunteering trips/projects you have been on. Write a blog about anything you like which you can update as often as you like. Search for projects that might interest you and join them so that other people can see what you’re interested in.

Organisations follow the same instructions, but the most important area of your profile is the projects. You have to create projects so that volunteers can search for it.


...CREATE A PROJECT (Organisations Only)

Login and go to your profile. On the left hand column you will see the tab that says ‘My Projects’; click on that. If you do not have any projects it will say ‘Click here to create your first project’ alternatively you will see a button that says ‘Create a Project’. Click either of these and you will be taken to a project application. This application is three pages long, it is very important you fill out all the boxes. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Once submitted, a member of the team will review the project, and if satisfactory, it will be approved and go live on the site.


Login to your profile. My Blogs will be on the left hand column on your profile page. Click it. It will give you the outline to create your first blog. You will be asked to enter a Title, tags relevant to the blog and write a short description (500 words) about what the blog will be about.

PLEASE NOTE: A blog is made up of posts; so this first bit is just to tell people a little about what your blog will be about…It should not be your first post. Once this has been completed you will then be given the option to create your first post.

Here is an example blog:

Title: John Smiths Volunteering Experiences
Tags: volunteering; travel
Blog Description: This blog will be about all my past, present and future volunteering experiences. I will document all the weird and wonderful things that have happened to me throughout my travels. Hope you enjoy it!

Then when John Smith wants to make his first post he would click ‘Create a post’ on his blog page and again title it and write about whatever subject he wants.

Here is an example post:

Title: Working with an Orphanage in Nepal
Tags: Nepal; Orphanage
Post: When I was 16 I went on my first volunteering trip to Nepal…………

He can write about whatever he wants. Then he can start a whole new post when he wants to write about a different experience/subject. It will all be part of the same Blog; just different posts.

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