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‘I want to thank your team for the good work you are doing. This summer I found Worldwide Helpers on the internet. I wanted to do an internship in medicals and I found an organisation on your website. The team met me at the airport and they were so wonderful and welcoming. I was sent to my host family in a residential area, the accomodation was nice and we had all ammenities at our finger tips. I worked at a hospital called La General Hospital. I stayed on the project for 3 months and I really had a good experience. Keep up the good work.’
Max Kennedy

‘When we first started at the orphanage in Ghana, we were astonished by the amount of cuts and wounds all the children had, and the poor state the building was in, but these are all things you quickly become used to, and soon it's just the norm. Each day we looked forward to going and playing with the children. It never ceased to amaze them how when they poked our skin it went white briefly. Volunteer Match Ghana staff were there 24/7 and there were so amazing.’
Hannah Westwood

‘I have recently returned from Colibris womens cooperative in Ecuador and had an amazing meaningful experience. The people, the work, the country is incredible. Thank you Worldwide Helpers for helping to make this possible. I cannot wait to once again volunteer for organizations that do not make it financially impossible to volunteer.’
Jackie Kramer

‘The football potential amongst young guys out in Ghana is really something; the game is physical and played with passion but most importantly always with a bright smile. I volunteered through Worldwide Helpers and the whole experience was so great.’
Steven Markington

‘Thinking how I could sum up my experience best, I'm simply lost for words. Since I've been back, of course, there have been the inevitable questions asked, 'how was it?', 'what was your favourite bit?' or 'what did you enjoy the most?’. Ultimately I feel that whatever reply I manage to respond with just doesn't come close to doing it justice. All I can say is: travel and volunteer, it sounds cliché, but you'll love every minute of it.’
Simon Orwell

‘I think your site is a brilliant idea! I have taken time out and want to do some volunteering but other volunteer sites are so expensive. Your site is amazing and has some really interesting options.’
Brenda Carter

‘Working for the Daily Guide newspaper has given me an experience of a busy newsroom, the skills to cope with deadlines and exacting editors, and the chance to experience life at the heart of Accra. As alive, bustling and lively as Accra was, I equally enjoyed our weekend trips away too. There were just so many fun-packed times: standing under a waterfall pounding down on you, the canopy walk at Kakum National Park and Mole national park.’
James Side Botham

‘Working for a charity is an enriching experience in itself and finding the right place to volunteer can be a challenge, but, through Worldwide Helpers I find not only charity but also a wonderful team from whom I learned a lot and helped me grow as a person.’
Livia Dragomir

‘It's a shame that there are genuine people wishing to help, and I'm sure several organisations on the other end desperate for help, and they never meet due to the difficulties of linking up and finding a project with a reasonable cost….Having scrolled through many websites and finding similar projects which unfortunately are well out of my price range I stumbled upon Worldwide Helpers.’
Caroline Crockert

‘It’s about time these opportunities became available. I was thinking about volunteering a year ago and couldn’t believe the amounts people had to pay. Well Done.’
Sabrina Oldfield

‘I am Glad to inform you that through your wonderful website, we were able to host a very good volunteer. Mr Sampson from UK found us using your beautiful website. He was our first volunteer and it was his first visit to Africa! During his stay with us, he participated in all sorts of activities. He taught our little children from - to 1.00 pm. He was very good in class! Children loved him! When he went back to UK, he spoke with his Mother and she proposed her local primary school to twin with our primary school and promised to make a small contribution towards our water harvesting/electricity program. She has so far sent us 55 pounds. This money has helped us to start digging the under ground water tank. We thank you very much for your help.’

‘Thanks so much for the opportunity to post our projects on your site. We have great news, in a matter of months we have received five volunteers two from the UK and three from France:  who heard about us from your site, which is a high turn out from any site. It has been a gratifying experience having them as they were focused and added to the community. We are grateful for your site.’

‘We have received approx 6 volunteers through Worldwide Helpers, most were teachers or training to be teachers from the UK. We have found it to be a very positive experience and our relationship with Worldwide Helpers a very helpful one for our orphanage. We look forward to even more enquiries and turning those into positive volunteering experiences!’

‘We would like to thank you very much for your ongoing support with Casa Do Caminho Brasil….. We have had just over 100 applicants through your organization…. Keep up the great work and we will do the same.’

‘I had THREE apply this morning alone because of our post on the Worldwide Helpers site!!  That's good news for us both!’

‘Thank you so much partnering with us. Watoto Wa Baraka has benefited greatly from Worldwide Helpers.’
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