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Under 18 Volunteering
Under 18 but still want to volunteer abroad? Look no further! OGVO receives hundreds of teenagers in Ghana from around the globe every year through our specially designed under 18 volunteer projects – High School Volunteer Abroad (HSVA). Our projects aim to give young adults (aged 15 to 17), a perfect blend of volunteering, cultural and language immersion, skills training and adventure activities during their summer abroad.

Volunteering abroad at a young age, not only helps young adults gain a better understanding of the world, its problems and how they can be solved, but it is also seen by universities and employers as something that sets the individual apart from other applicants.
Under 18 volunteers can choose from various volunteer abroad projects, volunteer as a group with their school, or take local language lessons and truly immerse themselves into the local communities while contributing to critical development projects.
On every program we operate, your OGVO leaders will be with you to make sure that you are safe. Health and safety on our programs is paramount – we have an impeccable track record and strive to maintain it.
“As for me, my experience at OGVO helped greatly in getting accepted into a Medicine degree in Australia” Alexander Godfrey, Australia

Please for more info: Visit or email us at or via WWH

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