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Teaching in rural school of Nepal
Teaching English in rural school of Nepal- YAN

Education lies at the core of our development and conservation objectives, because knowledge builds individual capacity, understanding and ultimately creates greater choice. Youth activation Nepal supports schools in rural villages of Nepal from nursery, primary and secondary. Our role in schools is to help teachers design and deliver a more engaging and productive environment for their students as well as supporting extracurricular activities.

The volunteer will be placed in local host family with Nepalese family standard.
You will discover how appreciative your host family will be and no doubt will learn a lot in return.
Volunteers will teach health education/sanitation/math/English to school children each day for six days (Saturday is the day off). During this period volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in local festivals and get the opportunity to exchange their culture. YAN charges a small fee to cover costs but this would cover everything from airport pickup, basic Nepali food, lodging, travel and supporting the projects of YAN. This would be just $12 per day and + $70 admin fee. And this wouldn’t need to be paid until you arrive
So if you are planning to volunteer this year in Nepal and would like to help an organization, you can be proud of then please contact at
YAN Is officially registered under the Society Act with the District Administration Office Lalitpur (Affiliate No. 3767), and is also affiliated to the Social Welfare Council Nepal (SWC) (Affiliation No.37306).

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