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Custom Groups Trips to Ghana!

This program runs for approximately three weeks. The first and second week is dedicated to volunteering in rural communities in Ghana. The third week involves exploring the country (Ghana) and taking part in some adventurous activities!

High school students ages 15 and over, College or University students, Clubs and organizations can join OGVO to volunteer and travel for three weeks in Ghana. This is a great opportunity for you to help others - the local communities while gaining valuable learning, cultural experience and developing your leadership skills and making new friends.
Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to boost your Resume and enhance your employability, whilst gaining some valuable experience. Volunteering abroad is also a great opportunity to learn and practice new skills. Think globally and make a difference with community development volunteer project in Ghana.

On your project in Ghana, you will have approximately 13 days to volunteer with community development initiatives, education or with institutions that cater for orphans.  Teachers, Professors or study group leaders, you are most welcome to organize a group of students for a trip abroad program in Ghana which would be full of memories. We will work with you one on one to customize your group trip for a life changing and meaningful experience.

Interested groups of volunteers should contact us at WWH for any further information they may need.

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