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Traditional home stay in Nepal
Traditional home stay in Nepal- Youth Activation Nepal
Family is the cornerstone of Nepalese social life.  Those who wish to immerse themselves in language, culture, and daily life should consider spending time with a Nepalese host family.  This provides an intimate experience of Nepal and also allows the host family to learn about your cultures, lifestyles, and languages.
Most of the placements are arranged in rural areas with typical Nepali-style houses. Nepalese people celebrate number of festivals like Teez, Dashain and Tihar. Teez is the biggest festival for women, where as dashain is biggest festival for hindu, and tihar is precious festival for brother and sister. So you will have great chance of learn the Nepalese culture. These festivals start from September to November.  Also you can participate in activities based on your interests:
• You will be helping to prepare food
• Lend a hand at taking care of the kitchen garden
• Spend time looking after the animals
• Or teaching English or other subjects to children of the home
• And getting the chance to contribute to social mobilization on different issues
Typical Nepali meals will be served at least three times a day and include simple, but nourishing rice, vegetable curry, daal (lentil soup), chutney, milk, fruit, and sometimes meat.  The food is prepared in good hygiene and is mostly organic.  No worries for vegetarians.  Host families can easily accommodate them. YAN charges a small fee to cover costs but this would cover everything from airport pickup, basic Nepali food, lodging, travel and supporting the projects of YAN. This would be just $10 per day and + $30 admin fee. And this wouldn’t need to be paid until you arrive
So if you are planning to volunteer this year in Nepal and would like to help an organization, you can be proud of then please contact at

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