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Sponsor a child's education in Nepal
Why sponsor a child's education?

Nepal is one of the world's poorest countries with the 21st highest poverty rate. Half the population is jobless and many live on $1 US or less day. In this condition it is very hard for families to send their children to school so they never get the opportunity to gain an education and it is very difficult for them to achieve a better life for themselves. Education is paramount in helping the community children of Nepal realize a better life for their future.

HFN is attempting to improve these community children's lives and future by running a sponsorship program for Community Children from low income families. Sponsorship through HFN provides children with the invaluable opportunity to enter or remain in education, and realize their full potential.

Children most in need of support are identified working with the head teachers of schools, village development committees and community representatives. 

Contact us for more information.

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