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Helping the earthquake victims of nepal -Youth Activation Nepal
Fund raising for earthquake victims of nepal
We are a new organization called Youth activation Nepal run by a married couple Suman & Sarita Adhikari  based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Have been got the option of studying abroad and make the future , we choose to stay in Nepal and build an organization that helps the youth of Nepal. Because we believe that the only way forward for Nepal is for people like us to stay and help build the country. We have a number of placements , we have the people who are interested in working with us but what we need is several volunteers who can help us by experiencing the projects and making suggestions on how we can improve them.  And we are going in the right direction. In the mean time not only we whole the nepal faced the massive earthquake of magnitude 7.9 on 25 April 2015. From this dissaster more than 8500  people were died and its still increasing, more than 20000 people were injured, and half of million people lost their houses and most of the beautiful cultural heritage were destroyed. On this situations, number of countries, agencies, NGOs, INGOs are working in the Nepal and help the victims. But this is not suffecient for them because they don’t have anything to survive and  also having the strong chances of transmitting the deiseases like dysentry, cholera, and  typhoid. Immediately they need shelter, food and medicine, which we are trying to supply on local contributions, therefore your support  makes major contri bution to our work. There are countless possibilities to help the victims of earth quake. Whether you choose to donate, fundraise, actively help through various ways of volunteering, your contribution makes it possible for us to change lives of those in need.
YAN welcome every contribution. Any help is essential – just choose the way that works best for you!
So if you are planning to volunteer this year in Nepal and would like to help an organization, you can be proud of then please contact Suman or Sarita at
YAN Is officially registered under the Society Act with the District Administration Office Lalitpur (Reg No. 3767), and is also affiliated to the Social Welfare Council Nepal (SWC) (Affiliation No.37306).

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