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(a)    Your personal information will only be used by us to:
        •  process your requests;
        •  respond to your questions or comments;
        •  provide or administer activities relating to WWH’s services or the services offered  
           on the Website, including the Opportunities;
        •  display your Profile or Content on the website or any other website owned or
           operated by WWH (except where you have opted for your Profile to be personal, in  
           which case your Content will not be displayed on the WWH website);
        •  process any applications or enquiries you submit for a WWH grant;
        •  provide you with information relating to WWH, the Website or our services, or that
           we feel may be of interest to you;
        •  maintain our records;
        •  carry out research including evaluation carried out for us by another organisation or
           prepare reports; and
        •  supply your information to third parties as described in paragraph 2 (c) below.

(b)    If you do not want to receive information from us Contact Us by email at with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject field. 

(c)    Any personal information that you provide when using the Website may be shared
        with third parties even if you have opted for a private Profile, including but not limited
        i.    Providers of support services to WWH, but only if the sharing of your personal
              information is necessary for the purpose of delivering the Network;
        ii.    providers, where you have expressed an interest in or have applied for one of
              their Opportunities, but only for the purpose of delivering the Network;
        iii.    grant judges or validators of WWH grants where you have applied for or enquired
               about a WWH grant. However, your personal information relating to such an
               enquiry will only be used by grant judges or validators for the purpose of
               assessing or processing your application of, or awarding you with, a WWH grant
               (unless the grant judge or validator has received your personal information
               separately and not from us);
         iv.  companies or organisations that are carrying out work on WWH’s behalf, in
               relation to the Network; and
         v.   members of the public that access the Website who are able to view the details
               of your Profile or your Content (except if you have opted for your Profile to be
               private – see 2(d) below).  However members of the public even where you have
               a public Profile will not be able to view your email (although they will be able to
               view your screen name and other Content).

(d)    If you do not want your personal information, Content or information about the
       Opportunities you have participated in provided by you to be displayed on the Website
       or any other website owned or operated by WWH, please select the option for a
       private Profile when creating your Profile.  If you wish WWH to remove your Profile or  
       Content from the Website please Contact Us by email at

(e)   Even if you have selected a private Profile, your personal information will be shared
       with third parties in accordance with clause 2(c). However, it will not be displayed on
       the Website.
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