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Women's Empowerment in Jodhpur, Rajasthan
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About us
Sambhali Trust is a non-profit charitable organisation based in Jodhpur, India, whose focus is on the development and empowerment of women and girls in Rajasthan. We provide underprivileged Rajasthani women and girls with an education in English, Hindi and Maths, as well as training in vocational and social skills, to support them in developing confidence and self-esteem, and help them work towards financial independence.

We specifically work with the Dalit community, who experience discrimination on a daily basis because of their low standing in India's stratified social hierarchy or 'caste system'. Dalit women are greatly suppressed due to the patriarchal nature of this community, and have little or no access to education They are denied the right to choose their own husband and often face a high level of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse within their family circle and community.

Since 2006, we have helped these women break their cycle of poverty and financial dependence on family members, by teaching them valuable practical skills. Sambhali Trust gives them a voice and a support network to nurture their hopes and ambitions, which allows them the freedom to work towards an individual dream, a priceless gift in their oppressive social and economic situation.

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Women’s empowerment intern/volunteer
We are looking for an intern/volunteer who would like to use their experience and/or interest in any of the following areas to assist at Sambhali Trust, for a minimum of two months:
- Marketing
- Teaching English and Maths 
- Fundraising
- Fashion and Design
- International Development
- Psychology
- Human Rights
- Advocacy
- Elementary Education
- General Administration

Key responsibilities
- Plan and teach English and/or Math lessons (or sewing if this is your area of specialism)
- Develop workshops and fun activities. Topics may include: hygiene, health and nutrition
- Bring forth new ideas to improve programming
- Administrative and project work related to your skill set

Although no previous experience is required, if you are studying in one of these areas or have experience, it would be advantageous. We are looking for volunteers/interns with an eagerness to work, an understanding and alignment with our objectives, and a level of flexibility, essential for the changeable nature of work in India. Sambhali Trust’s flexible approach means that the roles are varied and you can be involved in teaching, designing, project work, general administration and much more, taking on as many opportunities as you like.

This is a great opportunity for those looking for a career break, gap year, relevant experience or credit towards their studies or would just like to give back their skills in a non-profit context. Through your support, you will help change the lives of hundreds of women and girls, you will also get an insight into the intricacies of Indian culture, and develop an understanding of how a grass-roots non-profit charitable organisation operates. Our projects deal with a wide variety of women from some of the most deprived sections of Indian society.

How do I apply?
If you are interested in this role, please e-mail your resume to the founder and managing trustee, Mr. Govind Singh Rathore, at with information detailing why you want to intern/volunteer for Sambhali Trust, the months you are available, your interests and the skills you can bring to Sambhali Trust.

It is free to intern/volunteer, but you will need to cover your associated costs to intern/volunteer, including but not limited to flights, visa and accommodation and food costs. For more information, please review our website,
Sorcha Bradford
01 Feb 2014
I've been volunteering here for a month and have six months to go. So far I've found the organisation very welcoming and well-run, allowing me to constantly be challenged with new opportunities. I'm looking forward to what the next six months will bring!
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