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Looking for a travelling budy to volunteer with in Ghana
I am a 21 years old American girl living in Brazil,i am going to Ghana West Africa in August for the second time to volunteer with an organisation call Dream Africa Care Foundation on their Orphanage Child Care Volunteer Project and Sport Coaching Project. I am looking for free spirited and fun loving people to travel with. They have a lot of different volunteer option for every body, all their projects are free. Please if you are up for an adventure this summer please inbox me. I was part of this project last summer and it was the best experience of my life. Looking forward to making new friends.

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Hello there. I am Karen Sheppard. Glad to know about volunteering Africa.  Africa is the most overly exploited countries in the world and suffering due to poverty and lack of infrastructure and natural resources. Whereas volunteering in such regions is a free service, but the value that happens in giving a service often is beyond the measure of money. To learn more about the living of the African humanitarian trips like voyage humanitaire are organized to improve literacy by educating them, so to save the humanity you can also be a helping hand to the victims.

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we have moved to USA from ghana, and now everything is new for us. New friends, new neighbourhood, new atmosphere, new school and new stuff for the new school. For that, i have bought new school supplies from back to school coupons. I got massive discounts through it

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If you are looking for a travelling buddy, you can message me and I will be sure to help you also on It will be a great thing to do for all of us for sure.

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