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I always wanted to volunteer but i dont have sufficient funds, I thought going to countries to volunteer includes plane ticket accomodation and meals but of course free of service..

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Is this a positive statement or a negative one??

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Hi Rio, Thanks for posting. Every project will be different in terms of what the cost covers - for some of them food and accommodation are included - you will need to see what the projects you are interested in offer. As a general rule, most projects will not cover air travel, however you can get some great deals on flights in the WWH Marketplace.
Good luck!
WWH Team

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Hello Rio,
You are welcome to take part of our free volunteer program in Ecuador, this project is located in cloud forest in the area of Mindo at two hours from Quito, you receive free accommodation in a lodge an you help to maitain trails, garden and work for a private reserve. For more information please check our website:

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Hi Rio we are the we are the  Good Samaritan  Children's Village (GSCV) Uganda  p.o box 1444 Masaka Uganda 
Located in Sembabule District, Lwebitakuli sub county, Nakasenyi
Parish, Lwamatengo village in Uganda the Pal of Africa
Dear Rio  we as GSCV Uganda  to vollunteer with us  its  free  but only that  you pay 50% of your expenses  starting from transpoting you from the airport  up to our  opparating  districts,  your accommodation, feeding,  it may cost on you 1500$  per  month  but with GSCV Uganda  you only pay 750$ per month 
For more about  our Organization  here is our  Email:

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