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Interested in African Drumming & Dances
One beautiful aspect of African culture is drumming and dancing. Drumming and dancing is associated with every festive occasion in Africa culture. There are many types of this face of African culture depending on which ethnic group of people one is dealing with.

OGVO by instituting this project is giving volunteers opportunity to learn the many different ways of Ghanaian do their drumming and dancing. Volunteers will watch listen and participate in practical drumming and dancing in the classroom and will be taking out to watch and participate in drumming and dancing at a festive occasion.

It is the believe of OGVO that by the end of this program volunteers will be able to play and enjoy the rhythmic tunes of Africa.
Our aim is to help volunteers;
1. To help volunteers appreciate this aspect of African culture.

2. To equip them with the skill of the African way of drumming and dancing.

For more information, contact us at WWH

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