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Homestay and Community Work Information
The hill-tribe groups of Vietnam are a collection of diverse, exotic communities. Despite the natural beauty of their environment they have some of the lowest standards of living, health and education.

Our project invites you to live and work with local minority groups, to develop English language skills, improve life skills, and help improve the interactions of local communities with the tourists on whom they depend. During your voluntary time, you will have many chances to make contact with local people, discover their culture as well as visit some beauty spot of the location like: Ban Gioc waterfall (It is the largest waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest waterfall along a national border in the world), Nguom Ngao cave (Nguom Ngao has been recognized as a national relic. Without doubt, Nguom Ngao Cave and Ban Gioc Waterfalls are two must-see natural wonders in the northern province of Cao Bang), do kayak in the dramatic Thang Hen lake,

Taking part in this unique program is an opportunity for volunteers/travelers to share experiences with the local community, bringing participants a meaningful volunteer program combined with ecological tourism and unique cultural exchange.

Responsibility Travel Program in Cao Bang

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