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Dental Elective Intership in Ghana
Our Generation Voluntary Organisation offers dental elective internship placements in the Ashanti region, Ghana.

Interns are placed in dental clinics in the region and work with professional dentists. The program is highly suitable for dental students who are looking to gain valuable working experience in the dentistry field. While first and second year dental students assist in basic tasks and shadow the doctor , fourth and final year students are given hands on tasks such as extractions , fillings and scalings depending on their skill level.
This program is designed for dental students who have good knowledge of dentistry and are confident enough to work in a rural set up.
The 2 Week program is designed to give comprehensive dental hands on opportunities as well as shadowing/ assisting experience to the students. The idea of program is to set a rural dental clinic in village or the village school and provide dental checkups and dental treatments to people of community free of cost.
Note: Dental students can join the program individually or along with group of dental students. Each program start date requires at least two - three sign ups to follow the program itinerary
Interested persons should contact us today at for any information they may need. Thanks!

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