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Custom Group Trips in Ghana
If you are thinking of taking a group for volunteer/travel abroad programs in Ghana, then you are on the right track. OGVO has a range of volunteer programs and travel itineraries catered to groups of students, social clubs, and for other organizations that have an interest in outdoor education trips.

We offer 2-3 week tailor-made school trips abroad in Ghana, which focus on developing leadership and team work skills, building self-confidence and facilitating young people to re-evaluate some of their beliefs, attitudes and assumptions, particularly around different cultures and their own priorities in life.

We are committed to helping our young generation develop new skills and friendships, to increase their understanding of international issues and other cultures and to unite them as part of our global community who can work together and rise to the challenges of the world we live in.

Teachers, Professors or study group leaders, you are most welcome to organize a group of students for a trip abroad program in Ghana which would be full of memories. We will work with you one on one to customize your group trip for a life changing and meaningful experience. You can choose from a range of volunteer projects in Ghana such as working in an orphanage, construction project, health, HIV/AIDS projects, teaching, community development projects, conservation, etc.
After the completion of your volunteer project and knowing that you’ve done your part to help others in the world, you will also have the unique opportunity to experience OGVO’s educational tour and explore the natural marvels of Ghana. Your group can experience amazing wildlife, picturesque landscapes, historical settings, museums, animated markets, spotless beaches, endless adventures, exotic cuisine and local daily life.

Contact us now through or WWH for more information so we can work with you to organize an unforgettable, educational and cultural experience.

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