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Are you a trekker who wants to help?
Hi, my names Wayne Guttidge and I am one of the founders of a Nepali NGO & Uk registered charity caled Education & Health Nepal. Our main focus of work is improving the level of education & Health care in rural Nepal. For the last 6 years we have been funding our work through placing volunteers in various projects as well as running our own. 
But i want to do more because its my belief that we should use what Nepal has to offer the world to fund these projects so we are launching the trekking side of EHN. Having teamed up with several trekking companies who will pay our organisation a commision which we will put towards running the organisation. If we can make this work then over the coming months we can slowly become a funded charity..
So if your planning to trek in Nepal and would like to support a genuine organisation`s work there or just more information please email Wayne at 

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