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Humanitarian in Morocco (summer 2014) with AODVSF
You are a student (e), a student (s) or a group of students, a group of Scout, an educator specs PAME!, Or others you want to go to Morocco, but make yourself useful for humanitarian benefit of a community, a village, a school, a needy child while receiving recognition, wealth, joy ... ....
Ouarzazate Association for the Development and Volunteer Without Borders; submit on behalf of fusion offers missions and projects in targeted villages. Such projects are summarized in camps Education, Health, Environment, and culture ....

- Addressing the lack of teaching staff
- Getting in touch children and senior staff with another culture for benefit to all those involved in these structures the wealth of cultural exchanges for better supervision of children.
- Helping teachers to supervise children during various activities.
- Work with children in different workshops: modeling and manufacturing of various objects, collage and drawing, games, chat, music and dance, stories and songs
- Make arts and cultural activities.
- Assist teachers in their daily work with children.

AODVSF 1: International Workshop re-painting an elementary school

AODVSF 2: Stays of solidarity tourism.

AODVSF 3: Shipyard International Animation Children

It is also possible to develop a joint program with teachers.
Volunteers are also invited to present the cultural aspects typical to their country songs, dances, games, etc..
Working time is six hours (6) per day.
Voluntary qualification: This project is open to any voluntary available, who likes to listen and communicate in patience with children.
NB: manuals, gadgets or didactic purpose can be made if possible.
The project takes place in the city of Ouarzazate in southern Morocco.
To view the daily schedule and for more information contact Volunteer work and humanitarian Morocco
AODVSF organisations

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