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Hi, my name is Wayne Guttridge and over the past three years, I have been building Experience Himalayan Nepal (a low cost volunteer placement organization based in Nepal).

In this short time we have gone from a website and small office to placing nearly a 100 volunteers in Nepal alone. Now in 2014 we are registering as a UK charity and are looking for grassroots organizations who are interested in working with us by accommodating volunteers that we send. 

If you are an organization in India, China or any other country in South East Asia and are interested in creating a partnership then please contact me through WWH.


Experience Himalayan Nepal

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    my name is mohinder and i am director of my organization working in India,here we organise programs for international volunteers.we need a partnership for volunteers and we are intrested to do partnership with you, please contact me at mohinderrana62@gmail.ocm

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