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Thank You Very Much And God Bless You
Hullo our dear lovely friends who ever you are we thank you soooo soo much for the very big package you sent to our post office ooh my God we thank you very much

you said its very small but on our side its some thing very big and it has made our children to think that they are not alone , that they are some people who think on them too

dear unknown Good Samaritan may the almighty God bless you and your family we have appreciated thank you ,thank you sooo much
from Good Samaritan Children's Village (GSCV)Uganda
we love you

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So happy that you recieved a package from one of our volunteers. We would love to see some pictures of your village enjoying the package. Why not post a blog. You can do this very easily or even have one of your current volunteers blog about your village.

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Dear wwh  we have tried almost our best  to post  some pics on  a blog.  but it seems  we don't know  how to post , but we would also like to show  our friends some of   our events  and activities    we will be very happy to see ur  reply 
God bless you
Good Samaritan Children's Village (GSCV )Uganda

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