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Reporting On my experience
Last January I noticed on your website a charitable organisation in Malaysia looking for volunteers to teach English. I applied to the charity and was accepted. The charity is Sols 24/7. I have been here in Malaysia since May with said company. I find it a great company and I am particularly enarmoured with their ethos of bringing English to all of Malaysia. My own experience with the charity has beeing great and the four key figures- Big Teacher , Counselor Dhinu, Teacher Raj and Teacher Danu have being kind respectful and courteous to me at all times. Whenever it was possible to accomadate my requests, it was done without hesitation.
I am only here a short time but they have become my family away from home. My delay in reporting back as I promised earlier is that I am slow to recommend anyone or thing but here I have no hesitation in recommending Sols24/7.
After their indepth training I can speak Bahassa not fluently but for the purpose required I am qualified to speak. On my travels with the company I have learnt a little Tamil . 
So if you want to be part of this dynamic team-do as I did-Come to Malaysia-Come to Sols- Siobhan

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