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I'm wondering if anyone is facing this problem. Each time I click on projects to see how my project information is viewable to the public, 404 error appears. I have tried million times and still sees the same error 404. Can anyone be of help?

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Hi Arm-in-arm Volunteers,
Thanks for posting, this is very strange. Let us talk to our web people and see if we can get to the bottom of it for you. Is it just your projects that you receive the error message on? Can you view other projects? Can you see your projects if you search for them using the search function?
WWH Team

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Dear WWH Team,
Thank you for getting to back to us.It is really strange and we just don't know why this is happening to us alone.We are able to click on everyone else's project and we see every information.No problem at all.
It only ours that we have the issue with.Whenever we click on the project the error page still shows up.
We even asked friends somewhere else to try checking out our projects at WWH and the results were the same.
You are able to search us alright on the system but you can't view our projects.
I hope your tech team would be able to help.
Thanks again.
Narcisz Magyara
Arm-In-Arm Volunteers.

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we also  have  a problem we  can create  a project   we dont see craate aproject  on our page
we will be very happy if our problem is solved  God bles WWH 

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