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Christian Missions?
Hi, although I am new to the volunteering scene, I have been on mission trips before and I would like to branch out and incorporate both.  This summer I am looking at spending some time overseas and I was wondering if there are any Christian foundations or projects on here that would allow me to serve people wherever that may be.  I just want to give this summer to the Lord Jesus and sacrifice my time and my goals this summer to serve others and share his gospel with others around the world.  Thanks for any help!

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Hi Drew, we work with a childrens home run by a Christian priest in Chitwan Nepal, they have 30 children and always looking for help if your interested. I am sure you would be able to assist him in his duties outside of the home as well.
More details just drop me an email or private message on WWH.

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Hi Drew, Thanks for your question and for posting. It's always great to hear from people who are planning to volunteer.
Worldwide Helpers is a strictly non-religious non-profit and we work with organisations around the world who are motivated by a variety of different reasons to change the communities they live in. We do not post projects that have a specific aim to promote religion, although many of the organisations that are WWH members have support from or affiliation to religious bodies, including churches, synagogues, mosques and temples. 
I hope that answers your question, and thank to Experience Himalayan Nepal for their answer - this forum is to share information and ask questions!
All the best with your volunteering plans,
WWH Team

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